Cyclic amenability of trivial bi-amalgamated Banach algebra
کد مقاله : 1029-SHAA
مریم احسنی فیض آبادی *1، محمد رمضان پور2
1گروه آموزشی ریاضی- دانشکده علوم پایه دانشگاه دامغان- شهر دامغان استان سمنان
2گروه آموزشی ریاضی-دانشکده علوم پایه دانشگاه دامغان-شهر دامغان استان سمنان
چکیده مقاله:
Let A and X be two Banach algebras such that X is a Banach algebraic A-module. The bi-amalgamated Banach algebra A ⊠ X, was recently introduced and studied for some bounded bilinear mapping  : X  X ! A which is compatible with the module operations and the multiplication of X. In this note, we investigate the cyclic amenability of a trivial bi-amalgamated Banach algebra A  X. Among other thing, we show that for approximately unital Morita context Banach algebra G :=[ A M N B ] cyclic amenability of G is equivalent to that of both Banach algebra A and B
کلیدواژه ها:
bi-amalgamated Banach algebra, derivation, Cyclic amenability.
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